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*pulls an all nighter*

Work: "There's a problem...No one is scheduled for tomorrow morning."
Not a morning person/Me: "Hmm. Give me a time."
The Rio: "...9:30."
Night owl/Me: "I'll do it, I need to start waking up early."
*pulls an all nighter*


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I let myself go for a few days and now it’s time for the binging to end. I ate the last bit of my feelings tonight, stuffed myself until I couldn’t taste anything but regret. Those shorts that were too loose to begin with are starting to fit…

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A twerk is a wish your booty makes on We Heart It.

The latest from my pals The Ryan and Amy Show

feelin especially fre$h today
special s/o to ma boys The Broadway Bullies ~ thinking of you wearing this shirt i just snagged at value village

"cash for cars"post-Hustle late night Hastings street shoot
julia: “take out your bill!”me: “it’s only a twenty…”